Use your sensuality to get what you want, but make sure you're not too misleading. (Photo:

Flirty Favors

Sexual Exchange for Your Gain Sensuality is a wonderful thing. You can use your sensuality to exude confidence and get what you want. This can work for both good and evil. Let’s be honest, we’ve all either offered or denied sexual favors to gain an advantage over
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Sniffles & Kisses

Staying Affectionate During Cold Season As the days get cooler, it becomes much easier to catch something. From the flu to a common cold, you need to try to avoid getting sick at all cost. But if you are like me, you still like to go out despite the cold air and constantly opt to
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Double dating is a great, yet potentially awkward way to get your friends to approve of your new love interest. (Photo:

Double Trouble

Getting the Seal of Approval Double dating is a tricky situation. Just like normal dating, you need to find an equally compatible couple. Sometimes opposites attract, and other times it’s a disaster. Just make sure both couples have enough in common to get along, but are
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