Hooking up is fine, just don't do it with everyone. (Photo: divorcedmoms.com)

Rebound Rules

The How-To’s of Moving On Happy endings aren’t for everyone. When the misfortune of a break up occurs, your emotions go through a whirlwind of confusion. Mad and sad seem to alternate frequently and the occasional break down is inevitable. Everyone deals with break
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Sure he's not

Quarter-Life Crisis

Going with the Flow When you’re 20-something, you feel like you should already have your life together. But reality is that your 20s are meant to be full of adventures and mistakes. How else are you supposed to grow into a wise old person with life-learning stories.
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Dance & Dates

Love, Loss and Tales of Finding True Love I recently received word that a D.C. dancer took the type of advice I give on dating and relationships, and created a fun, flirty play from it. After hearing this news, I had to meet this woman. And just as I expected, this girl is a
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