Be cautious when using jealousy to heat up your relationship. (Photo: Fotolia)

Competive Couples

Keeping Things Hot Sometimes relationships can get cold and boring. That doesn’t mean the love is gone. But sometimes relationships become routine. While some strive for this consistency, others need the occasional challenge thrown in here and there. I’m not
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Get ready for this weekend's festivities! (

Boos & Don’ts

Haloween Fun for Everyone I’m sure you’re excited about your Hallo-weekend. There’s so many plans to make and no time left, so you better be ready! Whether you’re going out with friends to find a fling or hanging out with a special someone, there are still
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Use your sensuality to get what you want, but make sure you're not too misleading. (Photo:

Flirty Favors

Sexual Exchange for Your Gain Sensuality is a wonderful thing. You can use your sensuality to exude confidence and get what you want. This can work for both good and evil. Let’s be honest, we’ve all either offered or denied sexual favors to gain an advantage over
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