April 15, 2014

A simple checkup every six months can help prevent gum disease from progressing. (Photo: Dreamtime)

When Gums Attack

Symptoms & Treatments of Gum Disease Gum disease sounds so dirty. Who comes down with that other than homeless people? Surprisingly, many otherwise healthy people have gum disease. It’s an infection marked by swelling and inflammation at the gum line. It can persist for
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Scarlett Johnansson and Chris Evans in

Weekend Box Office

Winter Soldier Stays on Top for 2nd Week Disney Entertainment’s Captain America: The Winter Soldier outpaced 20th Century Fox’s Rio 2 in a close race at the box office last weekend (Apr. 11-13) to remain in first place. The blockbuster superhero sequel from Marvel
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Zaytinya's special Greek Easter menu (clockwise from top left) includes lavash chips with hummus, labneh and tzatzik, a Greek egg, marthoulosalata and kacamak. (Photos: Mark Heckathorn/DC on Heels)

Greek Easter

Zaytinya Celebrates with Holiday Menu Beginning Easter Sunday and continuing through May 3, Zaytinya at 701 9th St NW will hold its sixth annual Greek Easter festival. During the two-week celebration of food and music, chef Michael Costa will be cooking up seven special dishes,
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