Summer Styling

White Hot This stretch of heat and humidity has us in a beachy state of mind. Recently, I went to a Sip with Socialites event. The ladies who organized it were already thinking of summer before the holiday weekend. Clearly someone did not get the white memo, instead pretending to
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DC on Heels-Liz Parker-Fashion-Secondhand Style

Stylishly Secondhand

D.C. Swaps for Spring Fashion One of the best kept secrets to looking great for any season: secondhand shopping! I’ve always been a lover of secondhand, or “gently used,” clothing. From my days as a broke college student to a working adult with bills to pay now,
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dc on heels_tini howard_healthy_stopping mosquitoes_may 2013

Fighting Off Bloodsuckers Naturally

Stopping Mosquito Bites Without DEET Apparently I’m one of those people who tastes really good to mosquitoes. It’s such crap. Of all the things in the animal kingdom I could naturally delicious to, it has to be the one that’s endemic to everywhere I like spending my summers, and
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