Five foods that help speed your metabolism and burn fat are blueberries, nuts, salads, eggs and oatmeal (Photo ilustration by Mark Heckathorn/DC on Heels)

Eat and Be Merry

Five Summer Snacks That Burn Fat If you’re tired of saying “no” to foods this summer in an effort to look bikini perfect, good news! There are plenty of great foods that actually speed up your metabolism, kick your body into high gear and help you burn the fat you’re
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Those Summer Nights

 The Science of Hangovers From Cinco de Mayo margaritas to beers at the Labor Day cookout, summer is a time of late night parties — and for some of us, late night drinks. Sometimes it seems as though just one or two drinks can make us feel rough the next day. With weddings,
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Kids Don’t Need Gyms!

Go Play Outside Part 1 of 3 The weather’s nice, I’m feeling great. I’ve got my sunshine and my groove on, so welcome to Part One of a three-part series on why kids don’t need gyms, and how we can use their mentality towards movement and play to help us get
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