spring cleaning

Use a makeup organizer to make your vanity look more put together. (Photo: Etsy)

Beauty Storage

De-Clutter with These Storage Solutions Everyone could use a little less clutter in their life. When it comes to your beauty products, however, keeping everything organized can be a difficult task. Even if you don’t have that much stuff, it can still be easy to lose things or
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All makeup has an expiration date and should be thrown out after a while. (Photo: missstephanieusher.blogspot.com)

Spring Cleaning

When to Toss Your Makeup While you might not think of your makeup as something that has an expiration date, you should be using your products within a certain amount of time to get the best use out of them. It’s easy to let makeup products pile up without realizing it, and some
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dconheels-anna castillo-beauty-spring clean up on make up-april-2013

Spring Clean-up on Make-up

Time to Replace Your Old Cosmetics Finally the weather seems to be letting up and Spring is peaking around the corner. Have you checked out your make-up bag lately? I am sure you probably had your mascara for a month too long and your nail polish is probably separated. This means
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