Summer Sunning

Good Sun Protection Comes in Many Forms Just as most people know there is no such thing as safe smoking, there is also no such thing as safe sunbathing or tanning. Exposure to UVA and UVB rays can cause more than just a sunburn or tan – it can lead to everything from wrinkles to
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One Tank Trip: Rooftop Rendevous at Liaison on the Hill

There’s nothing like a rooftop view of the United States Capitol to make you take a step back and marvel at what a truly beautiful city we all live and work in, or at least live near…. so why spend the weekend stuck in Bay Bridge traffic trying to get to the Eastern
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Simple Summer Solutions

Tis’ the season to…look way hotter then you  do during winter.Everybody looks better with a nice glowy tan and there isn’t a woman on the planet that doesn’t feel sexier and skinnier post tanning. Summer is all about fun and looking good while doing it.  I
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