one tank trips

One Tank Trip: High Line Park

I love New York City. I started going there when I was 16 years old, flying into JFK Airport alone from Los Angeles in the summers to stay with my aunt and uncle with the purpose of exploring the Big Apple, and hopefully someday living there. Well, at least one mission was
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One Tank Trip: Rooftop Rendevous at Liaison on the Hill

There’s nothing like a rooftop view of the United States Capitol to make you take a step back and marvel at what a truly beautiful city we all live and work in, or at least live near…. so why spend the weekend stuck in Bay Bridge traffic trying to get to the Eastern
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One Tank Trip: Snowboarding in White Tail

One thing’s for certain about this One Tank Trip… Markette snowboards backwards down a hill… don’t try this at home! You will have a blast! Where: White Tail Ski Resort in Mercersburg, Pa. Distance from DC: 87 miles Time in Car: 1 hours 51 minutes Best
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