Simple Summer Solutions

Tis’ the season to…look way hotter then you  do during winter.Everybody looks better with a nice glowy tan and there isn’t a woman on the planet that doesn’t feel sexier and skinnier post tanning. Summer is all about fun and looking good while doing it.  I have to say that I am way more jolly with a corona in hand whilst  laying out by the pool.








So with summer officially here, there are two things come to mind. Pool time and tanning time. Now hopefully you read last weeks post about protecting your skin against those harmful UV rays.  I actually got a friendly reminder two days ago when I sat outside for a long lunch enjoying some delicious ceviche and sun while lunching at Lima (which is now open for lunch–and I highly recommend.)





So pool it up and tan it up… but protect your skin!  If you don’t have a pool in your back yard and naturally beautiful tanned olive skin then here’s the plan. Fake it till’ you make it.  No pool? No problem. No tan no problem. Here are your solutions:

Dubsplash Pool Party










This year’s pool party is baaack at Capitol Skyline Hotel. Located on 100 I Street S.E  DC. Every Saturday and Sunday from 11am to 9pm, the owners of Eighteenth Street Lounge Music and Marvin will host the new edition of DC’s  pool party (remember Spike’d Sunday’s?) Lots of fun.



















And this year will still  include the usual suspects and the must- haves for any great pool party– TBF.  Tunes, Booze and Food. Admission is only $15 bucks, really  a small price to pay to get  that much needed relief from the sweltering heat and humidity here in the District.  Drinks  on the list include margaritas, rum punch, and vodka lemonade that you can purchase from one of the satellite bars. Now you have the pool but you still need the tan.

No tan? No problem. Here’s your solution.









Glow Tan in Georgetown. The other week I had an event to attend and needed to be dressed in cocktail attire.  My skin is totally pasty and I am still in that “transitioning” phase. But going from ghostly white to a nice nutty brown isn’t easy.  And that’s where airbrush tanning comes in. I tried it for the first time and loved it. It’s not like spray tanning because airbrushing allows precision and accuracy–you will not leave out of the salon looking like an Oompa  Loompa I promise. Is it a little pricey yes, but it’s worth every penny until you can work your way gradually to  getting it au natural .











Airbrush tanning is the individual application of a spray tan. The technician applies the tanning solution via a hand held spray gun to the client. This allows for a more precise application, and for a more personalized service. And it makes all the difference in the world. So there you have it. Two great ways to get your pool and get your tan on. Two simple solutions for the summer. Enjoy!

Besos xoxoxo


“Put your feet in good hands.”



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