A Groupon coupon (Photo by Kelly Nigi)

Half-Priced Dinner?

Don’t Go Cheap on First Few Dates Is a guy cheap if he uses group coupons to pay? The D.C. area has a plethora of those discount dining deals – Groupon, Living Social, Specialicious… They fill up your email inboxes several times a day. For something that’s been going on
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Creating Chemistry

Date Lab Since I started writing about relationships for DC on Heels, I’ve realized how interested I am in the workings of dating. For instance, I know several classmates who’ve joined Internet dating sites in hopes of meeting someone. In graduate school, it was literally like
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Sleeper Theatre

Sandman Visits the Theatre I’ve been on bad dates before. You know, the kind where someone “forgets” their wallet or makes an inappropriate joke. I have experience with those. I thought I’d seen it all until I had an embarrassing date. From bad to worse It started out nice
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