Cystic acne disappears overnight with a small steroid injection. (Photo: W2 Photography)

Celebrity Treatment

Area Doctors Offer Treatments of the Stars DC Derm Docs, 1828 L St. NW, Suite 850, specializes in cosmetic dermatology and offers treatment of the stars that local TV and radio personalities might turn to. I recently spoke with Dr. Dale Isaacson and got the inside scoop on he and
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Some people are more allergic to poison ivy than other. (Stock Photo)

Poison Ivy

Leaves of Three, Let It Be There are reports that poison ivy is becoming more prevalent and stronger as carbon emissions increase, but Dr. David Adams, a dermatologist at Penn State Hershey Medical Center, doesn’t buy reports that it has become stronger and more prevalent lately.
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Overnight Skin Rescue

Zit Zapping Master Class “Out damn’d spot!” –Lady Macbeth (Macbeth, William Shakespeare) In addition to death and taxes, one of life’s certainties is the untimely appearance of a huge pimple just before a big event, such as a holiday party that you want to look your best
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