How do you choose when you love two people? (Photo: Deposit Photo)

Two-Way Love

One Heart, Two People The finale of The Bachelorette is coming up, and everyone is on the edge of their seats wondering who JoJo Fletcher will end up with. She was on The Bachelor last season and found herself in a love triangle when the bachelor Ben Higgins said I love you to
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Enjoy a night of free drinks and endless compliments. (Photo: Getty Images)

Drunk Dating

One Drink, Two Drinks, Three Drinks, Floor I was watching Hollywood Today the other morning and heard a very interesting dating topic that I have to share. According to the cast, studies showed that three drinks is the magic number to make people look better and develop liquid
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No one ever wants to see their ex get married. (Photo: Jamie Grill)

Love vs. Lust

Love Before Marriage, Not Lust Last week I wrote an article about how to properly rebound and move on from a break up. Ironically, a few days later my best friend reached out to me and informed me that her ex was getting married. Sure it sounds terrible, but you probably know
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