basal cell carcinoma

Sunscreen should be reapplied every two hours. (Photo:

Summer Sunnin’

Take Practical Steps to Stave Off Skin Cancer Shelaine Pennington thought the blemish that refused to heal was simply a persistent pimple. The dermatologist looked at the spot on her chin and was relatively certain of the diagnosis, but performed a biopsy to be sure. The doctor
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Shopping for sunglasses should be about more than just looks. (Photo: Visual Photos)

Sun Safety

Don’t Skimp on Shades This Summer Sunscreen and sunglasses top the list of summertime must-haves for most people. But just as skin can burn on an overcast or chilly day, eyes can sustain damage anytime you’re outdoors without sunglasses. Although it’s fashionable to slip on a
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Just one sunburn increases the risk of skin cancer. (Photo by

Skin Care

Prevent Skin Cancer With Sunscreen Use Skin cancer occurs more often than all other types of cancer combined. There are three common types of skin cancer. The most common type, basal cell carcinoma, will be diagnosed in Americans 2-3 million times in 2013. The second is squamous
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