Affordable Care Act

Obesity has increased 15 percent over the last 30 years in children and adults according to the National Center for Health Statistics. (Photo: Fred Froese/iStock)

Weighty Problems

Obesity Numbers Continue to Gain Dr. Ann Rogers could list 100 reasons why new numbers from the National Center for Health Statistics show that rates of obesity have increased by at least 30 percent in both adults and children the past 15 years. As director of Penn State’s
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Jeremy Welsh, a physician assistant, works near Syracuse, N.Y. (Photo; Dick Blume / The Post-Standard)

Doctor, Doctor?

The Physician Assistant Will See You Now One of the changes taking place at many doctor’s offices, due in part to adoption of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), is a trend toward “team-based care,” a model that incorporates advanced care professionals in addition to physicians. To
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Preventive health care should be part of your 2014 resolutions. (Photo: Medical Recruiting)

A Healthy 2014

Make Preventive Care Part of Health Focus At the conclusion of the holiday hustle and bustle, likely replete with unhealthy eating, many focus on health in the new year. In addition to eating right and getting more exercise, another resolution should be to seek the advice of a
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