Buff Body: Idris Elba

You can search the Internet for hours, and you won’t find many photos of British actor Idris Elba with his shirt off. He’s a humble one, eh? With his good looks, charm and captivating roles on the big screen (he can currently be seen in Ghost Rider: Spirit of
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New Angelina Movie Opens Tonight in DC

Don’t look for Eve the Tomb Raider in the new Angelina Jolie flick, instead the Hollywood bombshell is the mastermind behind the camera in In the Land of Blood and Honey, which is about a war-torn Bosnia. The film is Jolie’s writing and directorial debut of a major
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Sometimes Short Just Isn’t Enough

Seeing as this is probably the closest I could get to my dream of going to Sundance in Utah, the DC Shorts Film Festival is reasonably priced for a broke college student living in the city. At $13.50 online for nine films compared to the $11.50 I have to pay for a predictable
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