Avoid white lies if you want to keep out of trouble. (Photo: Getty Images)

Truth or Dare?

Resisting the Little White Lie Sometimes lying seems easier than telling the truth, but trust me, it will only get you into more trouble at the end of the day. Little white lies patch up a temporary problem, but don’t fix the big picture. If your relationship is based on a
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Are you sure your significant other is being honest? (Photo: Shutterstock)

Little White Lies

Why Couples Lie to One and Other Relationships are supposed to be built on a foundation of trust in order to succeed. Yet many couples feel completely comfortable lying to each other. Why’s that? Maybe the reality is that the truth hurts. If you’re not one for
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Cheating is not cute. Surprise your partner with chocolate instead. (Photo:

Not-So-Sexy Surprises

How to Not Surprise that Special Someone Have a love hate relationship with surprises? So does everyone else. You hate the idea of the unknown, but every once in a while you don’t mind if your significant other surprises you out of the blue. Whether it be a new fun date
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