Screen on the Green kicks off Monday night with North by Northwest. )File Photo)

Summer Sizzle

Steamy Summer Dates As the back-to-school sales start sprouting and the weather begins cooling down, it is evident that summer is almost over. But don’t let that cool down your summer romance. Here are some great places to check out on your next date before fall starts. Outdoor
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Rushed Romance

How Soon Is Too Soon? We’ve all been there. The significant other that put an expiration date on your relationship and rushed through each stage of the relationship only to end it two or three months in. So how soon is too soon? There are some telltale signs that can indicate
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In Sickness and Health

Your Love Has a Cold, Thinks It’s the Plague How do you handle the first cold when you’re newly dating someone? You know, the first time one of you gets sick, and the other is supposed to do the nursing-back-to-health routine. With the increase in the amount of allergies
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