moving on

Hooking up is fine, just don't do it with everyone. (Photo:

Rebound Rules

The How-To’s of Moving On Happy endings aren’t for everyone. When the misfortune of a break up occurs, your emotions go through a whirlwind of confusion. Mad and sad seem to alternate frequently and the occasional break down is inevitable. Everyone deals with break
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Breaking up means cutting your losses and cutting the ex loose. (Photo: ThinkStock)

The Ex

Hot to Move On from a Failed Relationship Some people love being friends with their exes. While I applaud those people, I kind of think they’re partially insane. Generally, when you date someone, you create a special bond and become a combination of best friends/lovers. So
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It's tough being a serial dater, and Taylor breaks it down in her new single

Lessons in Love

The Game of Love as Told by Taylor Swift Taylor Swift’s new album 1989 is on the market and everyone seems to be loving this new pop transition. The song Blank Space from the album was released a day early after it accidentally leaked on Yahoo this past Monday. So what … ?
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