You can keep reapplying until you get the deep bronze you are looking for. (Photo: Emma Blancovich)

Toned Legs

A Tanner That Makes Your Legs Look Toned Skinny Tan is a brand that has several tanning products that combine a natural tanning ingredient with naturally derived skin smoothing ingredients to tan, contour and reduce the visible appearance of cellulite. I have tried my hand with
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A full body massage can help reduce cellulite and improve your skin's tone and texture. (Photo: Shutterstock)


The Beauty Benefits of Massage On top of being an ideal way to reduce tension and stress throughout the body, as well as bringing flexibility back into your tight muscles, massage can also provide a host of beauty benefits, especially when it’s performed by an experienced
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(Photo: Loseyourweightfast)

Banish Cellulite!

Treatments to Get Rid of Cellulite There’s nothing so injurious to one’s amour-propre as catching a glimpse of one’s cellulite-dimpled backside bulging out of a swimsuit. But fear not, more helpful tips are on the way. Last week I explained what, precisely, cellulite is, explored
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