buff body of the week

Playing for Keeps

Playing for Keeps Note:  Gerard Butler takes his shirt off…frequently.  I thought I would include that in case you wanted to stop reading and buy your ticket.  Much like ‘The Bradley Cooper Effect’, I would watch anything that included a shirtless Gerard Butler.  But, I digress…
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Buff Body of the Week: Beyonce

Could this knock-out body be thanks to baked chicken and Diet Pepsi? Well, according to Smoking Gun.com the dancer-singer-actress known simply as, “Bey” by her die-hard Twitter fans eats only certain foods — per her contract — when she’s on tour. A
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Buff Body of the Week: Kris Humphries

It’s nothin’ but net as reality mega star, Kim Kardashian bags another hottie! Check out that bicep action on the left! A-maze-ing!(Photo Courtesy Jeff Zelavansky, NY Post) This week’s Buff Body is none other than New Jersey Nets forward, Kris Humphries, who is
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