buff bodies

Buff Body: Idris Elba

You can search the Internet for hours, and you won’t find many photos of British actor Idris Elba with his shirt off. He’s a humble one, eh? With his good looks, charm and captivating roles on the big screen (he can currently be seen in Ghost Rider: Spirit of
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Buff Body of the Week: Beyonce

Could this knock-out body be thanks to baked chicken and Diet Pepsi? Well, according to Smoking Gun.com the dancer-singer-actress known simply as, “Bey” by her die-hard Twitter fans eats only certain foods — per her contract — when she’s on tour. A
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Buff Body of the Week: Ryan Reynolds

He’s come a long way from ¬†Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place… From starring in cheesy sitcoms to headlining summer blockbuster movies, the Green Lantern‘s Ryan Reynolds has climbed the ladder of Hollywood success… one bicep curl at a time. Yeah, sure,
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