Buff Body: Idris Elba

You can search the Internet for hours, and you won’t find many photos of British actor Idris Elba with his shirt off. He’s a humble one, eh?

Idris Elba is our "Buff Body of the Week"

With his good looks, charm and captivating roles on the big screen (he can currently be seen in Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance), there’s something alluring about the fact that Elba doesn’t flaunt his “sexy.”.

When it comes to his workout routine, he keeps those details rather discreet, too. “I was always a real athletic kid,” the 6’2″ 215 pound actor told Men’s Fitness. Elba also told Men’s Health U.K., “I kick-boxed for six years, but I never fought,” when asked about how he prepares to star in films. (VIDEO: Click the image below to watch Elba talk about his latest movie role).

Click image to watch video of Idris Elba

VIDEO: Click the image to watch my 1-on-1 interview with Idris Elba for AMC and "Ghost Rider 2"

“But the fact I keep myself in shape isn’t the reason I’m winning. I’m just thinking about doing the job I’m facing at that moment.”

And his hard work is definitely paying off. Take for instance the photo above… there’s not too many guys who can look that svelte in a sweater and skinny pants. Enjoy the eye candy, ladies!



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