October 31, 2017

Light therapy can be done at a dermatologist’s office, spa, or in your own home. (Photo: lighttherapydevice.com)

Lights, Camera, Action

Using Light Therapy to Fight Acne Oh acne, we meet again. Rather, you never really left, and you stress me out even more than before so my hormones produce even more acne. I know many of you can relate with my feelings. I am always trying out new things or reading up on things
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Jigsaw finished on the top in the box office for Halloween weekend with $16.64 million. (Photo: Lionsgate Entertainment)

Weekend Box Office

Jigsaw Carves Up Clooney’s Suburbicon Lionsgate Entertainment’s horror Jigsaw opened with $16.64 million the weekend before Halloween (Oct. 27-29), finishing in first place at the box office. Three of the top four films were horror or quasi-horror, as two other new releases
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