June 18, 2013

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Grow Your Own Medicine Cabinet

How to Have a Healthy Garden There’s something kind of magical about gardening. It burns calories without feeling like exercise, sates our desire to create and nurture something, and even the most die-hard vegetable haters can be charmed into eating a tomato or a pepper if they
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DC on Heels-Liz Parker-Fashion-Upcoming Trends-June 2013

Upcoming Trends

The New Modesty, Gender Blending & Grunge D.C.’s sweltering summer is almost upon us. With bikini bods and booty shorts on our minds, fall and winter wear may be the last thing on your mind. There are a few upcoming trends that can inspire your summer wardrobe and keep
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Weekend Box Office

Man of Steel Soars to Box Office Top Superman was reborn at the box office as the big-budget gamble Man of Steel cleared the box office its opening weekend in a single bound clearing $116.6M in a single bound. Warner Bros.’ comic book relaunch broke the record for the biggest
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