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Put away your heavy-weight beauty products and pick a few lightweight superstars to get you through those humid, makeup melting days. (Photo: Getty Images)

Summer Beauty

Five Products to Ditch in Warm Weather When warm weather rolls in, most of us immediately swap our sweaters and heavy coats for shorts, skirts and airy summer dresses. So, why shouldn’t we treat our skincare routine the same way? Winter is all about moody matte lipstick and dark,
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A new season means revitalizing your beauty routine. (Photo: YouTube)

Seasonal Makeup

Switch Up Your Beauty Routine for Spring Your lifestyle changes with the changing seasons, and your makeup should too. Spring is here and summer will be before you know it, which for most people means it’s a time to get outside and active. Whether you’re on vacation soaking
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Summer Beauty Survival Guide: High Heat Foundation Application!

In high temperature situations your skin will look and feel differently not to mention the sweat factor.  In this case less is more never sounded better!  You will notice as your skin tans you will to find foundation with more color and less coverage.  This is when  you put down
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