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Put away your heavy-weight beauty products and pick a few lightweight superstars to get you through those humid, makeup melting days. (Photo: Getty Images)

Summer Beauty

Five Products to Ditch in Warm Weather When warm weather rolls in, most of us immediately swap our sweaters and heavy coats for shorts, skirts and airy summer dresses. So, why shouldn’t we treat our skincare routine the same way? Winter is all about moody matte lipstick and dark,
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Fall Layers

Layering for Great Skin Last week, I discussed the virtues of adding a beauty essence to your skin care routine. East Asian women, admired throughout the world for their porcelain, pore-less, ageless complexions, have long used beauty essences as part of their intricate,
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The Beauty ABCs

Now I Know My BB, CC and DD Creams These days cosmetic counter habitués are faced with a dizzying array of flesh-toned creams with double letter designations: BB, CC and now, DD creams, which will be hitting the U.S. market later this month. So what exactly do these creams do,
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