Getting destructive is not a good way to handle a break-up. (Photo: H. Agawarl/Flickr)


What Not to Do When Your Husband Cheats There is nothing so terrifying in a married woman’s life than the threat of an unfaithful spouse. Why? Because most everything else we can handle; losing a job, losing a parent, the sickness of a child or relative. All of those things can
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Don't get too consumed in

Comfortable Not Creepy

Balancing Weird and Sexy When you first start dating someone, you try your best to portray the best version of yourself. You get extra dressed up where ever you go, and you wouldn’t dare reveal that you don’t wake up naturally flawless. But after dating a while, your
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Bring out that silly, competitive side in your partner! (Photo:

Cabin Fever

How to Bring the Fun Indoors It’s getting cold and the thought of stepping outdoors is about as appealing as drinking a warm beer. You don’t want your relationship to fall into a standstill as the temperature drops, so you’re desperately seeking a way to keep
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