With summer winding down, will you dump your summer fling or take it to the next level.? (Photo:

Dump and Dash

How to Breakup with Your Summer Fling So you’ve been steadily hooking up with your summer romance, and as great as it has been summer is nearly over. You are stuck at a crossroad. Do you dump and dash, or DTR (define the relationship)? Realistically most friends with benefits do
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A Balancing Act

Have a Great Career and Relationship Relationships take work, commitment and dedication. But in the ruthless economy and fast-paced environment of D.C., it can sometimes feel difficult to maintain a good relationship with a significant other while also focusing on advancing your
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Must Love Dogs

Requirements for a New Relationship We all have them — things we refuse to compromise on in a relationship. Though often little, our non-negotiable items are a big deal and reveal a lot about us. “Must love dogs.” Classic. Implies you’re easy going. “A non-smoker.”
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