deal breaker

What is love for millennials? (Photo: Thinkstock)

Young Love

Millennials Give Advice on Relationships Love is so versatile. Depending who you ask, you will get different stories from lovers past. I decided to do some research and ask millennials some serious to not so serious questions. Let’s see what this generation truly thinks of
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Can different views tear your relationship apart? (Photo:

Debatable Dating

Could an Elephant Date a Donkey? There are some things you should avoid talking about on a first date: religion, politics and money. But what happens if one of these topics get brought up and you find you have totally different views? Is this a deal breaker or just a bump in the
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If your date's deal breaker is too serious it can make their presence completely unbearable. (Photo:

Deal Breakers

To Second Date or Not to Second Date So you just met the most handsome potential suitor, and you are in awe. As soon as you score a first date, you begin eagerly planning your future wedding invitations. But what happens if your first date isn’t picture perfect? All of the
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