Don't dread being single this holiday season. (Photo: Getty Images)

Going Dateless

Are You Seeing Anyone? It’s that time of the year: Single Awareness Season. As if Single Awareness Day isn’t enough on its own, the holiday season sheds more light on those living commitment free. The family is all gathered together and everyone’s trying to
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Double dating is a great, yet potentially awkward way to get your friends to approve of your new love interest. (Photo:

Double Trouble

Getting the Seal of Approval Double dating is a tricky situation. Just like normal dating, you need to find an equally compatible couple. Sometimes opposites attract, and other times it’s a disaster. Just make sure both couples have enough in common to get along, but are
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Be sure to buy your partner a unique present this holiday season. (Photo: Shutterstock)

Holiday Shopping Decoded

Gifts for your Girl or Guy this Holiday Turkey and mashed potatoes are just a couple of things to look forward to next week. Black Friday is just around the corner. The holidays are a great time to show your significant other that you care about them by giving them a great
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