dining out

Getting along with your in-laws is a blessing, but if you don't it feels like a curse. (Photo: sheknows.com)

Meet the Parents

How to Get Along with Your In-Laws Families can be crazy. If it is your family, you will always love them no matter what. But what happens when your significant other’s family is the one driving you mad? This situation can get awkward very fast. There’s no rule saying
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Ask for sauce on the side. This works for pretty much any dish except pasta. (Photo: Three Apples a Day)

Dining with Diabetes

Tips for Dining Out With Diabetes In our health section we talked about dealing with diabetes, and one of the tips we covered was changing your diet. The American Diabetes Association recommends a healthy diet high in protein, fruits and non-starchy vegetables, with moderate
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Don't leave your date having to order the side dishes! (Illustration: Jon Keegan)

Veggie Dates

Vegetarian Date Nights I have been a vegetarian since 2004 and will be celebrating a decade of my meat-free diet this year. Although I love the lifestyle, I have learned the hard way that this small characteristic about me is something that needs full disclosure before the first
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