dress code

Woman shopping for clothes. (Photo: iStock)

Dress to Impress

Learn How to Dress Well for Any Occasion First impressions matter. How you present yourself is incredibly important in building connections, especially professional ones. In order to give a good first impression, you have to learn how to dress well for any occasion. Dressing well
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Washington Redskins fans have no dress code except for maybe fan gear. (Photo: Keith Allison/Flickr)

Dress Code

3 Industries Where Fashion Doesn’t Matter One can argue that society as a whole has grown more casual in recent years. While many of us still see the need or hold a preference for formal, fashionable attire, an increasing number of people in professional environments are
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Formal wear is usually required for the Captain's Dinner. (Photo: Fodors)

Cruising in Style

A Seafaring Fashion Planner for Guys & Gals It is all too easy to get a bit stressed out over what to wear for certain occasions and packing for a cruise ship holiday is bound to have you wondering how to get the balance right between informal casual attire and those glitzy
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