Beauty tips

An African American woman talking on her cell phone. (Photo: rawpixel/Pexel)

Cellular Pimples

Does Your Cell Phone Make You Break Out? We use our cell phones every day, but something we don’t realize is that our phone screens carry so much build up and bacteria that when we use it we are adding on to the list of things that cause breakouts. Cell phones are also made
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Anti-Aging Remedy: Cold Water Want a cheap anti-aging remedy? Wash with cold water, as in really cold. No casual, easy warm bath for you! Unbelievable, isn’t it? In fact, most of the ancient queens all shared a common beauty secret: they all took daily cold baths. Why?
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Irish Beauty Secrets

Beauty Tips from the Emerald Isle The day honoring the fifth century Romano-British missionary who brought Christianity to Ireland is coming up next week; it’s a day for which many in the U.S. celebrate with copious consumption of Irish beer and raucous merrymaking. However, I
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