June 1, 2013

Should you splurge on name brand cosmetics or save on the store brands? (Source: Paul Wharton Style)

Costly Cosmetics

To Splurge or Not to Splurge Cosmetic products have varying price points, so how do you know when to drop the big bucks in the department store or save money by going to your local drug store? Think about what your skin needs Skincare products are applied directly to the skin,
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Each year, more than 4,000 American children are injured on amusement park rides. (Soure: Penn State)

Hang On

Tips for a Safe Summer Amusement Season When you’re hurtling toward the ground from hundreds of feet in the air -– or spinning so fast your sunglasses and flip flops fly off — the possibility of danger is a big part of what makes the experience fun. But each year, more than
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My box of produce from Washington's Green Grocer (Kristy McCarron/DC on Heels)

Farm to Door

Good Things Come in Boxes Shoes come in boxes, pastries come in boxes, rings, toys, gifts, jewelry, chocolate; what’s better than unwrapping a box full of goods? There’s something particularly magical about opening a box that’s been delivered to your doorstep.  My best friend
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