November 20, 2012

Pretty Purse Pick From Angela&Roi

Polka Dots Win It Last month I brought you the Hot Handbag alert–the Ostrich Ivory Leather Tote from Angela&Roi as my top must have pick. I cannot tell you how incredible the quality of that purse is and how excited I am that I became introduced to Angela&Roi purse
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Cocktails with Hemingway

To Have and Have Another   At some point, everyone wants to learn how to make a great cocktail and/or take a stab at becoming the voice of their generation. Precious few succeed at both. Author and cocktail connoisseur, Philip Greene celebrates in his new book  To Have and
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Healthy Tips for a Happy & Skinny Turkey Day

Turkey day is here! And it came completely unannounced! With Thanksgiving a few days away, it is important to keep up your routine and not let the delicious food, your lovely family and friends and multiple Thanksgiving dinners keep you from it! Source: via Rhonda on
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