Washio will deliver and pick up dry cleaning with the click of an app on your iPhone. (Photo: Washio)

Dry Cleaning Delivery

Washio Will Pick Up/Deliver Dry Cleaning Washio, the leader in on-demand dry cleaning and laundry delivery, is now serving Washington, D.C. The company also serves Los Angeles and San Francisco. “Our goal is to make dry cleaning and laundry as simple as possible,” said CEO Jordan
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Ay Chihuahua!

2nd Annual Running of the Chihuahuas If you want to run with the bulls, then go to Spain BUT if you want to attend D.C.’s funniest Cinco de Mayo celebration then you are in luck. It’s back and it’s time for the 2nd Annual Running of the Chihuahuas!  When:
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Gweneth Paltrow: World Class Beauty

The Most Beautiful Woman Evah! Gwenyth Paltrow is pretty. No actually she is BEAUTIFUL. Paltrow has been named People Magazine’s “World’s Most Beautiful Woman.” No stranger to headlines this week, the press has been on her ass a lot lately, but it finally
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