skin care

Fall Layers

Layering for Great Skin Last week, I discussed the virtues of adding a beauty essence to your skin care routine. East Asian women, admired throughout the world for their porcelain, pore-less, ageless complexions, have long used beauty essences as part of their intricate,
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Just two weeks of proper skin care can reverse environmental effects on your skin. (Photo: Mary Kay)

Wrinkle Ranking

Where You Live Can Age Your Skin Early New data demonstrate the correlation between geographic location and the formation of wrinkles. The study lists the 50 most wrinkle-prone regions in the United States, and the underlying factors that may cause skin to age. Researchers at
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Holiday Beauty Rescue

Home Spa with Epsom Salt If you’re feeling just a bit frazzled and overwhelmed by an endless whirlwind of holiday activities, but your gift-shopping-depleted coffers preclude a day at the spa; don’t despair — you can create a relaxing home spa experience with the
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