The Beauty of Rekindled Love!

The Beauty of Love After long discussions and strong convincing I have finally been allowed to share my friends story of love, compassion, and finding the beauty of love in her relationship all over again. Rekindle the Flame Having been married for twenty years, Tracy’s marriage
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Kamilah’s Heel Hop “For a Sexy Healthy You”

For those of you who have never heard of Kamilah’s Heel Hop, let me introduce you. Kamilah’s Heel Hop is based in Los Angeles, CA, with tours worldwide. Her most recent tour in Russia created amazing buzz and is continuing across the United States. Kamilah, a native
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“Fall” In Love With These Shoes

Sooo many shoes, sooo many choices and “solely” from  SHOE DAZZLE. Isn’t that right Kim? This month was  so tough picking out the exact shoe that was going to really  rock my world. My showroom was filled with beauties that my stylist picked out for me  but I
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