Sometimes swiping right can get serious. (Photo:

Swiping Into Love

Finding Your Tinder Fella Dating evolution never ceases to amaze me. The ever popular dating app Tinder has truly changed the dating game in a short manner of time. In the beginning, it seemed like Tinder would just be used for a quick hook up. But the longer it has been around,
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First dates can be uncomfortable, so cool down with a drink to lighten the mood. (Photo:

Dating Tipsy

Happy Hour, Happy Date Let’s face it, dating can be awkward nowadays. From blind dates to Tinder, you are most likely to meet someone who you have never met and hope things work out. If you are in this situation, how do you break the ice with a complete stranger? Try happy
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If you both love each other, there's no need to put a measurement on it. (Photo:

I Love You, More

Who Loves Who More? We all know that mushy couple who constantly fights over who loves each other more while publicly displaying their undying affection for one another. While we may gag at their utter cuteness, the basis of what they speak has some truth. In loving
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