First dates can be uncomfortable, so cool down with a drink to lighten the mood. (Photo:

Dating Tipsy

Happy Hour, Happy Date Let’s face it, dating can be awkward nowadays. From blind dates to Tinder, you are most likely to meet someone who you have never met and hope things work out. If you are in this situation, how do you break the ice with a complete stranger? Try happy
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Sure he's not

Quarter-Life Crisis

Going with the Flow When you’re 20-something, you feel like you should already have your life together. But reality is that your 20s are meant to be full of adventures and mistakes. How else are you supposed to grow into a wise old person with life-learning stories.
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Creepers Beware

Have Fun on Halloween, but Be Cautious This is it. Halloween weekend is here, and you better be prepared. You have the perfect costume, and you can’t wait to take a million selfies. You’re currently trying to think of ways to sneak your flask into the party you’ve RSVPed to. And
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