Parfums de Nicolai

Bastille Day Beauty

French Beauty Favorites La Fête Nationale, commonly known throughout the English-speaking world as Bastille Day, is right around the corner. The French national day commemorates the storming of the Bastille fortress-prison on July 14, 1789, an event widely regarded as beginning
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Fall/Winter Scents

New Fragrances for Fall/Winter 2014 I must confess that winter is not my favorite season; I’d much rather spend the cold months of darkness in hibernation — bears have the right idea, I’ve always thought. Unfortunately, despite gorging on berries on all summer, I’ve once again
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Photo Courtesy of Erosturannos

Hot on the Scent

Summer Perfume Guide: Niche Fragrances – It’s once again the time of year when the sweltering heat and high humidity are constant reminders that Washington, D.C., was built on a swamp. You might also find that the rich, spicy scents that enveloped you so cozily all winter
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