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“Obvious Child” Movie Review

Obvious Child Is Abortion Romcom but More For aspiring comedian Donna Stern, everyday life as a female twenty-something provides ample material for her hysterical and relatable brand of humor. On stage, Donna is unapologetically herself, joking about topics as intimate as her sex
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“The Other Woman” Review

The Other Woman Is a Revenge Comedy After discovering her boyfriend Mark is married, Carly tries to get her ruined life back on track. But when she accidentally meets the wife he’s been cheating on, she realizes they have much in common, and her sworn enemy becomes her greatest
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Jesse's grandmother (Renee Victor) performs an exorcism on her grandson (Andrew Jacobs) as his friend Marisol (Gabrielle Walsh) watches in Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones. (Photo: Paramount Pictures)

“The Marked Ones” Movie Review

Only Mediocre Scares in The Marked Ones Jessie, a young California Latino, begins experiencing a number of disturbing and unexplainable things after the death of his neighbor, shortly after his high school graduation. As he investigates, it isn’t long before Jessie finds
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