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Get your skin looking fabulous for some beach side flaunting. (Photo: The Beachfront Club)

Summer Skin

How to Get Your Skin Beach-Ready The laid-back days of summer will soon be upon us, and that only means one thing – it’s time to bare it all. Hitting the beach is something we all excitedly look forward to; however, the same can’t be said for the skin. The warmer months require
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Washington, D.C. Gets a Little Less Hairy

What the Hair? I love my hair. The hair on my head that is. Men are so lucky they don’t have to worry about that embarrassing “unwanted hair.” Women have to deal with our bikini-area, eyebrows, legs, arms and dare I say it — the upper lip!!! GASP. Oh god
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Beauty Buzz: Dare to Bare w. Laser Hair Removal

If you need a martini to get through your Brazilian, then this piece might be for you! With beach season getting closer and spring clothes in every boutique, it’s time to start thinking about showing a little leg again. Hopefully you haven’t neglected them all winter to the point
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