Holiday Dessert for Your Skin…Sweet Almond Oils

The air is turning colder and a bit drier.  Our holiday dessert pick for your skin Heritage Store’s Sweet Almond Oil or Almond Scent Aura Glow.  Yes it smells as delicious as it sounds!  Sweet Almond Oils contains glucosides, minerals and vitamins and is rich in protein.  Best
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Beauty Buzz: Int’l Skincare Line Calls DC home

I wouldn’t be doing the Beauty Buzz column justice if I didn’t introduce you to one of Washington’s best kept beauty secrets: Ada Polla and her fabulous botanical skincare line, Alchimie Forever. Ada, a native of Switzerland, moved to DC to study at Georgetown University’s
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Beauty Buzz: Dare to Bare w. Laser Hair Removal

If you need a martini to get through your Brazilian, then this piece might be for you! With beach season getting closer and spring clothes in every boutique, it’s time to start thinking about showing a little leg again. Hopefully you haven’t neglected them all winter to the point
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