Deciding between two lovers can be a very difficult decision. (Photo: Dharma Productions)

Love Triangles

Juggling Your Lovers We see them everywhere. From tween television series to the movies, we see love triangles more often than not. And realistically, love triangles aren’t just limited to the big screen. It is not uncommon to have two crushes at one time. For some people,
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A boyfriend's perspective isn't always sought out, but can really surprise you. (Photo: Pixabay)

A Boyfriend’s Perspective

Lessons From a Long-Term Relationship My boyfriend and I have been in a relationship for four years now, so I’d say things are pretty serious. Throughout this relationship, my boyfriend has kept up with all my dating and relationship advice, and he asked if he could finally
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If your date's deal breaker is too serious it can make their presence completely unbearable. (Photo:

Deal Breakers

To Second Date or Not to Second Date So you just met the most handsome potential suitor, and you are in awe. As soon as you score a first date, you begin eagerly planning your future wedding invitations. But what happens if your first date isn’t picture perfect? All of the
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