A woman lying on a table in tank top and panties gets laser hair removal in her bikini area. (Photo: BHRC)

Hair-free, Carefree

To Laser or Not to Laser I am sure you have heard of laser hair removal, not to be confused with electrolysis which is the only FDA approved treatment for permanent hair removal. Since light is absorbed by dark objects and reflected by light ones, lasers use selective
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Faded Face

Don’t Let Makeup Wash Out Your Skin Tone Do blondes have more fun? I never really understood where that statement came from, but I do know that blondes can look faded out. By that I mean their skin tone ends up blending with their shade of blonde and their makeup blends in
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Car wash skirts from the fall collections of Tommy Hilfiger (l to r), Christian Dio and Oscar de la Renta. (Photo: Designers)

Fall Trends

Fall 2015’s Most Popular Fashion Trends This fall, there are plenty of popular new fashion trends to choose from so you can always look your best whether you’re headed off to work, school or even pumpkin picking. Check out some of the season’s best trends below
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