blonde hair

Puprle shampoo helps keep blonde hair bright instead of brassy. (Photo: Angel Jordan)

Purple Shampoo

Keep Your Blonde Locks Toned There are a lot of purple shampoos out there to make sure your blonde tresses do not turn into yellow pieces of stringy Play Doh. You know, that bright yellow color that can start to look dirty yellow like when all the Play Doh colors start to mix
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Faded Face

Don’t Let Makeup Wash Out Your Skin Tone Do blondes have more fun? I never really understood where that statement came from, but I do know that blondes can look faded out. By that I mean their skin tone ends up blending with their shade of blonde and their makeup blends in
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dconheels-anna castillo-beauty-summer hair-june 2013

Summer Hair

Find the Perfect Salon and Stylist for You Summer is officially here and when the season’s change so do our looks.  We are tanner, more fit and embrace summer fashions. So, why not update our hair too? Although social media may be ruling the world, there are other ways you
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