Always use a light moisturize after cleansing your face.

Naturally Beautiful Skin

Home Remedies to Blast Away Acne Many people struggle with acne and have no clue what to do to fight off those skin impurities. Well one day I was fed up, and those over-the-counter facial cleansers were not doing the trick anymore. Here’s a list of at-home acne fighters th
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Flimsy flip-flops and sandals can cause pain and other unforeseen consequences. (Photo: Penn State)

Summer Foot Health

Summer Foot Fashions Not Good for Feet With temperatures sizzling, we have long since shed our heavy clothing and boots, replacing them with as little clothing as possible. Unfortunately, this often includes flimsy flip-flops and sandals that can make soaking up the sun a lot
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Exfoliation helps keep your skin healthy.

Skin Care

Exfoliation: The Answer to Healthy Skin Cosmetic companies are always preaching the importance of exfoliation, and indeed it is. When you exfoliate your skin, you are removing dead skin cells. Removing dead skin is essential for healthy skin. Since there are many skin types, the
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