Relationship Doppelganger

Which Celebrity Relationship Are You In? Our society is so consumed with celebrity gossip and watching celebrities’ every move that it’s no surprise that we attempt to mimic their lives. Personally, I’ve probably watched The Notebook at least 100 times (and I
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Less Talk, More Action

New Year, New You! It’s 2015, and your New Year’s resolution is probably the same as 2014’s, which is to fulfill your resolutions from 2013. If that’s the case just stop. Whether or not you’ve fulfilled previous resolutions, start this year with a
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You never know who you'll find under the mistletoe this holiday season. (Photo:

Mistletoe Magic

Have a Holly, Jolly Kiss-mass Christmas is finally here, which means endless holiday cheer! From holiday dinners to parties, there’s always a little guy you’ve got to be on the look out for, and its not an elf. It’s that sneaky mistletoe. But why do we kiss
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