Bring out the selfie stick and don't be afraid of being

Adventure Awaits

Vacation Musts with Your Loved One My boyfriend and I are off to Las Vegas for the first time. We decided to half plan out what we want to do and leave the other half to adventure and decide when we arrive. But our biggest concern is that there is always so much to do in so
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Be selective with who you sext with or your privates may go public. (Photo: Pro Juventute/Flickr)

Sext Savvy

The Truth Behind Sexting According to a study done by the American Psychology Association, 80 percent of participants had sexted this past year. That is a huge number! I’m not sure if I was supposed to be surprised by it, but it definitely took me off guard. If this was a
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Digital Dater

A Guide to Online Dating Etiquette Everyone always says there are plenty of fish in the sea, but the real question is where are all these damn fish? When you hangout with the same group of people at the usual hot spots, it’s hard to branch out and find new, exciting people
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