December 3, 2013

This dark gray leather satchel handbag is sleek and elegant, and makes you stand out in the crowd. (Photo: Kuku Closet)


Selecting Functional, Cheap Satchels Trends in the designs of satchel handbags are changing. When looking for the perfect satchel, you not only have to look for fashionable utility, but also the convenience of use. Satchels are easy to carry as they usually come with large
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Obesity and poor nutrition can affect your eye health. (Photo:

Weighty Matters

Understanding the Obesity-Eye Connection Obesity is a growing problem across the world. However, while we know the most common negative effects it has on our health, many are unaware how it can affect our eye health. Shedding some pounds could be a good idea not just for your
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Weekend Box Office

Catching Fire, Frozen Sweep Holiday The Hunger Games: Catching Fire and the new animated blockbuster Frozen dominated the attention and wallets of audiences selling a jaw-dropping $203 million worth of tickets over the five-day Wednesday-to-Sunday period. They generated the two
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